A walkie talkie PMR446 is a walkie talkie working with specific channels in the frequency range between 446.0 and 446.1 MHz. The walkie talkies PMR446 are free to use in most countries so that it can be utilized without the need for an amateur radio license. Its maximum power emission must be less than 0.5 W, and the ideal range is around 3 km in optimal conditions.

Features of PMR446 walkie-talkies

The walkie talkies PMR446 (Personal Mobile Radio 446 MHz) are transceivers limited to working with specific channels in the frequency range of 446.0 to 446.1 MHz, the channels defined in steps of 12.5 kHz while allowing a total of 8 channels 12.5 kHz FM separated from each other.



A compressor is an electronic sound processor designed to reduce the dynamic range of the signal. All pedal compressor can be used as a limiter. However, in rack format and mixing and mastering we can find these separate effects. In the world of the guitar, it is very unusual to find a pedal that only limits. Always we discuss compressors. A compressor acts, so that attenuates the electric signal in a certain amount (typically measured in decibels) and from a given input level.



Why choosing a car subwoofer is difficult?

Choosing the best car subwoofer can be a complicated endeavor, but is made easier by focusing on three main things: the type of sound you are hoping to generate; the space available in your car; and technical specifications of your Car Entertainment, especially if the battery output and speaker are concerned.

Choose a box professionally installed is usually the best way to guarantee that a product is compatible with your vehicle. This route can be expensive, however, and often with limited opportunities. Do some research on the different types of subwoofers available for your car audio system can often significantly reduce the overall cost, while ensuring that you end up with exactly what you want?

Accessories subwoofer usually come as standard in all vehicles. Some audio systems car, especially in high-end cars can strengthen a little low, but few can compete with the low-heavy concentrations of most subwoofers. Car owners usually have to buy these items separately. Some come to replace the speakers, while others have whole units to be installed anywhere in the vehicle, often in the trunk or the back seat. Understand what kind of sounds you hope to achieve, is the first step to take your car subwoofer decision. You can find what you need here: Mrvehicle Car Blog which provides you best brand of subwoofers.



In the period of 80’, the electronic drum kit made the first appearance of theirs in the music world. What most folks don’t realize is, in the next decades, they have gotten better very much.

Some of kits nowadays are pretty impressive, they are tough to be outstanding from real things. And they get much better over time. We will look at 3 products to see how well they become. And if you are looking for the best electronic drum set for the money, these reviews are just for you. Hopefully you could find this article helpful.

1. The Yamaha DTX 400K

Nowadays it seems that the Yamaha Company makes just everything. There is no doubt that drums are one of their top products in addition to their outstanding acoustic kits.

The most present DTX electronic drum is becoming popular. The original model is the product called Yamaha DTX400K. The basic features of the product include:




This is, in short, my overall look of the Ultrasone Pro 900.

*Outstanding construction – Yeah, as you can see, the headphones are huge, like a tank. Like hard solid and well built. But they are not heavy, if you wonder.

*Superb Comfort – Comparing with other full ear headphones, the Ultrasone 900 model is surprisingly comfortable. Its ear pads are large, but hug your head just right. I  work all day in the studio, wearing it for a very long period but I am just fine. Continual reposition to find out which one fits the most is not needed. The head band is hard, on top is a piece of cushion to keep it soft when coming in contact with your head. The ear pads, which are made of velour, keep your ears cooler for long time using than the leather pads.



When it comes to car batteries problems, there are some things to consider determining the right battery for your car. Brand, size, reserve capacity and amps for a cold start are significant factors in the decision. To take a particular decision, you will need a basic knowledge of each of these factors.

The size corresponds to the dimensions of the battery assembly of the car, the length, height, and width. There are different sizes available. The battery must be secured with a tight fit, reading the manual of the car that will let you know which buy from that mistakes was made with the wrong size. It is important to check the size with the size chart to ensure it fits in your car.

There are some brands with the same manufacturer; the battery specified by the car manual is the best choice. There may be some similar batteries available from a single manufacturer; the specifications must be followed to ensure that the battery is selected from the available brands, especially when the price is the only difference between the models.





The main function of the tactical flashlight is to enlarge and develop our sense in some specific situation, especially under the condition which is called “low light.”

Regarding lighting, Lumen is usually used to express the light intensity.

It is not hard to realize that in the market of modern torches, there is a big race between various famous lumens, including tactical flashlights.

The tactical flashlight first can illuminate and therefore can recognize and identify the probable threat. But imagine if the extra illumination can do both the function impairing the sight of the opponent and influencing the vision senses and others senses which are really important to predict the potential threat, then we can say this gadget fits the recognition has a physical confrontation.



Valandre Sleeping bags are viewed by many as the benchmark in terms of quality. For what reasons? Because it is a French brand, or because the down of geese south of France is the best? Perhaps, but innovation is also a key component in the strategy of Valandre, with prices following …

There are many kinds and many brands of Sleeping bags on the market, however, Valandre – a French brand is still one of the most favorite sleeping bags brands of many hikers due to its variety products.

Valandre offers three sets of sleeping bags:

  • The Expedition series
  • Series Extreme Lightweight
  • Performance series



Choosing a ladder seems simple, but when you have to opt for a staircase design, material or weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each model, the task is overwhelming, because there are many designs to choose from.

Before you buy or order a ladder, you might be helpful to know more about the safety of these structures, designs, and materials with which the can build.

Measures a safe ladder

There are many designs of ladders, and each of them can be made of different materials, besides the size, layout and measurement steps, which will make a ladder is safe and comfortable to travel in it.

When choosing a ladder, it should be noted above all the extent of the step. One standard is 25 centimeters wide, but a more comfortable and safe ladder should have a width of 30 centimeters higher echelon.

The measure between step and step is also very important for the safety of the ladder, and this depends largely on the stature of those who will use it. Before buying or ordering a safe ladder, consider these two aspects.




You are now reading an overall review of the Rode NT USB Condenser. This is only our first look of the microphone, which is all about the look and its utility. For more details about how it functions, please wait for our next review.

The Look – Out of the box with this microphone is easy, and sexy. This is a simply stunning microphone. The black pop-filter matches aesthetically the capsule. It looks ultra professional and feels so solid in your hand.

Ease of Use – Just like any other USB mics on the shelf, this Rhode mic is equipped with a modern operating system, setup process comprises only two step, plugging in and setting Rhode as your input or output device. It is so simple that you just need to open QuickTime for Apple and Sound Recorder for Windows if you want to test it. If you use DAW software such as Protools, Logic and so on, you will select the Rhode as a sound device.

Like I said, the pop-filter is positioned brilliantly and matched perfectly, it only depends on your arrangement and skills. To produce a clear and clean level, place your mouth about 3 to 4 inches away from the pop-filter and speak with normal intensity.

There are 2 knobs at the side of the microphone. The first one will control the volume. The second handles the mix of the sound of your voice and the mix of output from the computer.

iOS Compatibility – A simple set of Apple Camera Connection is all that is required to connect this to your devices, such as iPad, iPod or iPhone. Right there, you are able to record straight to any other audio recording application, like Garageband, if you want. This will make your location stop attaching to your recording time for capturing segments from everywhere. Right, you are having a condenser mic recorded your audio brilliantly regardless how your environment is. The grab-and-go character makes it more appealing to iOS user, doesn’t it?

The Stand – Another matching extra, the stand. We all know the mount system used on microphone, nothing new but imagine, you have a handy table-top that follows you to any part of the world, great right? I know. Not to mention it looks good.

The Cable – Yep, the cable. This is the first time I have ever come across a cable that is long enough to connect to any device. Normally I would have to use another extension, but this device we have here will not leave you with such things. It meets your needs at any recording arrangement.

The Price – At such price range, the Rhode is rather cheap. It comes in just under 200 dollars. Think about it, a good looking condenser mic, with pop-filter, long cable, stand and capsule, this is more than a hot deal. For beginners it may be a bit expensive for you, but it is worth the use. I won’t lie to you, so trust me.